Adventure Squad

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Graphic Design


October 2019

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How do you entertain a kid confined to a hospital’s pediatric ward? With an adventure! Adventure Squad is an augmented reality experience that allows kids to explore their surroundings, interact with hospital staff, and escape an erupting volcano. This brochure was created to help market this storytelling experience.

The brochure allows readers to see stills from the app and understand how it works.

The Project

Developed at the Reese Innovation Lab in conjunction with the UNC Children’s Hospital, Adventure Squad offers kids the opportunity to explore during their stay in pediatric care. The app allows users to develop a superhero avatar of themselves who collects power-ups, learns new powers, and escapes from a deserted island. This brochure was created to introduce the app to both new hospital partners and incoming patients.

To create the illustration on the brochure's cover, I outlined first, then colored.

The Process

The design of this brochure drew heavily from the app itself. I created the front and back covers in Adobe Illustrator using a blocky version of the island that serves as the app’s setting. I then imported my work to Adobe InDesign, where I incorporated images from the app’s gameplay that I stylized in Adobe Photoshop.

The final brochure incorporated the app's catchprases.

The Product

This brochure shows kids and their parents how they can stay active and engaged during their time in the hospital. The app is remains in development and is being piloted at UNC Children’s Hospital.

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