RADx-UP Cores

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Motion Graphics


July 2021 - August 2021

Completed Project


The COVID-19 pandemic stopped—and then permanantly changed—the world. But some communities have been affected by the pandemic more severely than others. RADx-UP, an initiative from the National Institutes of Health, aims to change that by providing equitable COVID-19 testing and treatment across the US.

The Project

For months, RADx-UP has worked to combat the effects of COVID-19 and make testing and treatment more accessible in communities with greatest need. But many Americans don't know this program even exists. To help promote RADx-UP's services, I was asked to create a set of four videos about each of the program's cores: Administration, Data Science & Biostatistic, Testing, and Community Engagement

I received a series of illustrations and storyboards for this project, which I then formatted for animating before beinging them into After Effects.

The Process

For this project, my only job was animating—scripts were written, storyboards drawn up, and assets created when I came into the process. Still, I retained a large amount of creative freedom when it came to deciding how to put RADx-UP's vision in motion.

After organizing the assets I received, I began to create a consistent look and style that would be used across all videos. I also recreated small animations—like draw ons of outline illustrations—that could be reused across videos. Because voiceovers hadn't been recorded when I began working, I estimated the amount of time required for each scene until I had the audio and could make corrections accordingly. Throughout the process, I worked regularly with the clients to ensure that the animations matched their creative visions, and I revised based on their feedback throughout the process.

The Data Science & Biostatistics core video describes how RADxUP collects and standardizes medical data.

The Community Engagement core describes RADxUP's efforts to connect with communities throughout the US.

The Product

This set of videos gives a clear picture of RADxUP's purpose, goals, and process. I animated the Administration, Data Science & Biostatistics, and Community Engagement cores, while a colleague created the Testing core based on my template. The National Institutes of Health is now planning to use these videos to promote RADxUP in its fight against COVID-19.

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